Faith in Action

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.

1 Peter 4:10


Spiritual Growth Never Ends!

Here at Damascus UMC we envision a faith community that supports people to enter as they are and wherever they may be on their faith journey. From the newest seeker to a life-long journey there is something here for you!


Our Commitment to Spiritual Growth

  • We are humble servants, who out of love and devotion, are drawn to be one with Jesus Christ and one with each other. We understand that loving God means loving our sisters and brothers as well as equipping them with compassion, joy, understanding, resources, and passion for making and growing disciples.


  • Just as acorns take seed and grow to be tall oaks, we see our children growing up to be strong disciples of Christ, leaders in worship & mission, and leaders in our world. We recognize children are growing disciples, and as such, envision children's ministries that engage all ages, are rich in learning, abundant in activity, and help them become devoted servants, drawn to Jesus, and dedicated to reaching out and growing more disciples.


  • Through our ministries and missions, we infuse our congregation with love, joy, passion, and God's Word. We believe that spiritual growth and education helps and inspires us along life's journey. We rejoice to hear the squeals of joy from preschool rooms, the chatter of children's voices throughout the church, spirited discussion in adult classes, and the harmony of voices in the sanctuary.


  • We are all ministers! Our laity and pastors teach side by side. Everyone has a message to share! We see the Holy Spirit transforming members of our congregation from being served to serving others.


  • We believe that teaching and transformation is not limited to the four walls of Damascus UMC. We see teaching when we're improving living conditions, changing hearts, and actively supporting our communities.

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