Have You Considered E-Giving?

Through the e-Giving program you can elect to submit your offering to the church electronically. We have two options: bi-weekly or monthly. The funds can be deducted from either you checking or savings account automatically or paid on the credit card of your choice, so no more remembering your checkbook and envelope!   To get an e-Giving authorization form please click the link below:

Yes, I want to become an e-Giver

Take a look at this article on e-Giving.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Steve Malley at 301-253-0022, x106 or send an email below.

E-giving Questions

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If you'd like to make a quick offering through our giving partner you can click on the below link to give by credit card or debit card or a transfer from your bank:
You can also give using your PayPal account or your credit card by clicking on the "DONATE USING PAYPAL" button below:
Your presence is most valued but your presents are appreciated.  We have many ways for you to offer your presents to the church, see below.

Many Ways to Give to DUMC

Damascus United Methodist Church wants you to be able to give in the ways most convenient to you. Consider what best fits your needs.

  1. You can bring your check/cash to services on Sunday and put your offering in the collection plate. (Personalized envelopes are available to assure your gift is credited to you).
  2. You can set up with your bank to send the church a bank draft for the frequency and amount you determine.
  3. You can download the church smart device application and go to the option to digitally give to the church. The instructions to set this up is intuitive once on that portion of the church app.
  4. You can text giving to the church. This can be set up by texting the word GIVE to the phone number (240) 428-6258. Once you do this you will get a response on how to set this up for future giving. Once set up you can then text OPTIONS to that phone number, and it will give you the various options for how much and to which fund that offering should be credited.
  5. You can call the church office bookkeeping department and set up e-Giving using a credit card. This can be done either monthly or twice a month based on your needs. Your credit card account will be charged the amount and frequency you determine.
  6. You can call the church office bookkeeping department and set up e-Giving using your bank ACH (automated clearing house). This can be done on a monthly or every two-week period based on the amount and frequency you determine.
  7. You can donate stock. This is a win-win situation for you and the church. You bypass paying the capital gain tax if the stock value has grown. To find out more about this contact Steve Malley at