Sunday School

PLEASE NOTE: Sunday School does not meet during the summer months. Classes will resume for fall 2019 on Sunday, September 15. DUMC will have a Rally Day and Sunday School registration on Sunday, September 8, at 9:30 am.

  • Sunday School classes are offered for all ages and stages, including children, youth, and adults.
  • For help in locating a class, visit our Welcome Station in the narthex.
  • All classes meet from 9:30-10:30 between our worship services (most meet only Sept-May).
  • All classes are always open to new persons at anytime!

Children and Youth Sunday School

Room Locations

Lower Level Map         Upper Level Map

  • 2/3 year olds: Room #1 (main building, downstairs, next to library)        
  • Pre-K:  Room #6 (main building, downstairs)
  • Kindergarten & 1st Grade:  Room #19 (main building, downstairs, below Music Room)
  • 2nd Grade:  Room #18 (main building, downstairs, below Music Room)
  • 3rd Grade:  Room #5 (main building, downstairs, next to Resource Room)
  • 4th and 5th Grade: Room #13/14 (main building, 1/2 of dining hall, downstairs)
  • 6th and 7th Grade: Youth Chapel
  • 8th Grade/Confirmation: Youth Chapel    
  • 9th Grade/Confirmation: Youth Chapel
  • 10th-12th Grade: Youth Chapel 

Adult Sunday School

At Damascus UMC we have several adult Sunday school classes that vary in age and study style. 

Discipleship Voyage Class

Located: Library (downstairs, below sanctuary)

Book and life discussions based class with no homework. All books are read together during class time.

Leslie Class

Located: Annex Conference Room (detached house east of main building)

Discussion style class that explores a variety of spiritual literature.

Love Feast Class

Located: Great Hall (first floor, by main hall, near stage)

Bible and book study class for 35-50ish aged adults.

OMG Class

Located: Dining Hall (downstairs, kitchen side)

Book study class with a focus on Christian conversation to further faith journeys.

Pastor's Class - seasonally 

Next class TBD

Located: Dining Hall classroom

Lecture style class that presents Biblical and topical lessons.